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Compression Therapy Package of 5 Sessions                                      20/40 Mins 
Popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts, this therapy improves blood circulation, enhances lymphatic fluid flow, and accelerates recovery. Its rejuvenating massage leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized in no time…

Pressotherapy Package of 3 Sessions                                                      60  Mins 
Boost circulation and reduce fluid retention with our revitalizing 40 minute Pressotherapy treatment. Using advanced compression technology, our therapists at Danugur Massage help to improve lymphatic drainage and promote detoxification.

Sciatica Treatment Package of 3-10 Sessions                                            40  Mins 
Got a pesky sciatica acting up? Our Sciatica Treatment is here to save the day! We’ll target those nerve pains like a pro, using gentle techniques to ease the discomfort and get you back to feeling yourself. Say goodbye to that shooting pain down your leg – we’ve got your back!

Post Op Lymphatic Drainage Package of 3-10 sessions                          60  Mins 
This hands-on massage method boosts blood flow and supports effective toxin removal through natural bodily processes. Clearing your lymphatic system is key to bolstering your immune system, reducing water retention, and maintaining healthy circulation of lymph and blood.

Pain Management-  Hamstring Package of 3-10 Sessions                       40 Mins 
Our Hamstring Treatment is the perfect remedy! We’ll pamper those muscles with expert care, using a blend of gentle techniques to ease tension and restore flexibility. Whether it’s tightness from everyday strain or post-surgery recovery, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to hobbling and hello to kicking butt once again!

Pain Management Back, Neck, Shoulders- Package of 3-5 Sessions     40  Mins 
Our Pain Management treatment targets those trouble spots in your back, neck, and shoulders like a boss! We’ll knead away those knots and tension with expert hands, leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world

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