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Threading is a natural and effective hair removal method that is softer on your skin. If you have sensitive, delicate skin, but still want to get rid of unwanted facial hair, try threading.


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Ladies Waxing – Bikini

All hail the bikini wax! Whether you prefer a popular Brazilian or a full-blown Hollywood, bikini waxes have been boosting women’s confidence for decades. There a few better treatments that not only leave you feeling great, but lessen hair growth over time too! Perhaps you’re a bikini wax virgin, or maybe you’re looking for a new salon to visit on a regular basis.

Ladies Waxing –  Bikini & Leg

The extended bikini line and leg wax leaves you holiday ready in just one express appointment.

Ladies’ Waxing – Extended Bikini, Leg & Underarm

The underarm, leg and extended bikini line wax leaves you holiday ready in just one appointment


Discover Unparalleled Elegance with Danugur – Your Haven for Women’s Waxing

At Danugur, we believe in the transformative power of smooth, radiant skin. Step into a world of refined beauty and indulge in the artistry of women’s waxing that transcends the ordinary. Our expert technicians are dedicated to providing an experience that goes beyond hair removal – it’s a celebration of confidence and empowerment.

Elevate Your Beauty Ritual with Our Women’s Waxing Services

Unveil the allure of irresistibly silky skin with Danugur’s signature women’s waxing services. Immerse yourself in the skillful hands of our trained professionals, ensuring a precise and virtually pain-free waxing experience. We specialize in creating an environment where comfort meets precision, offering a range of waxing services tailored to your unique needs.

Embark on a journey towards flawlessness as our waxing specialists use premium-quality wax and techniques designed to minimize discomfort and maximize effectiveness. From meticulous eyebrow shaping to silky-smooth legs, Danugur is committed to delivering exceptional results that leave you feeling confident and radiant.

FAQs: Your Guide to Women’s Waxing at Danugur

At Danugur, we prioritize your comfort. Our skilled technicians use gentle techniques and high-quality wax to minimize discomfort during the waxing process. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how smooth and virtually pain-free our services are.
The longevity of your waxing results depends on individual hair growth. On average, you can expect beautifully smooth skin for 3-6 weeks. Regular waxing can lead to finer hair regrowth over time.
Yes, we provide detailed pre-waxing and post-waxing care guidelines to ensure optimal results and skin health. Following our recommendations will enhance the longevity of your waxing results and promote a flawless finish. Elevate your beauty ritual with Danugur – where women's waxing becomes an art form, and confidence radiates from every silky-smooth pore. Schedule your appointment today and experience the epitome of elegance.