Trigger Point

Unlike a relaxing massage, trigger point therapy can be uncomfortable to receive, especially while applying the direct pressure on the areas of discomfort.


Trigger Point

Trigger point massage focuses on releasing trigger points, which are small, tight knots that develop in muscles that may even cause pain in other areas of the body (an effect known as “referral pain”). during this treatment, there will be ongoing communication between therapist and client in determining pain and discomfort levels.

What to expect during and after your trigger point massage

In this type of massage, your massage therapist focuses on rubbing and pressing your muscle knots. You may experience both discomfort and relief throughout the massage. After your massage, you may feel tired and have some soreness for a day or two. On the other hand, according to the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists, some people experience a boost in energy after trigger point massage.

Trigger Point

  • Express 45 Mins
  • 60 mins
  • 90 Mins

Trigger Point

Unlike a relaxing massage, trigger point therapy can be uncomfortable to receive, especially while applying the direct pressure on the areas of discomfort. The objective of trigger point therapy is releasing or softening a muscle knot to reduce (or eliminate) the knots associated and referred pain. This release happens by applying various levels of pressure to muscle knots, and then stretching the affected areas through a complete range of motion.


Unlocking Relief: Tailored Trigger Point Massage for Men at Danugur

Welcome to Danugur, where the pursuit of well-being meets the precision of trigger point massage tailored specifically for men. Our expert therapists understand the unique stressors that men face, and our specialized approach targets trigger points to alleviate tension and promote holistic healing.

The Art of Trigger Point Massage for Men

At Danugur, we recognize that men’s bodies hold tension in distinct ways. Our skilled therapists employ the art of trigger point massage, a therapeutic technique designed to pinpoint and release knots in muscles. These trigger points, often caused by stress, poor posture, or overuse, can result in discomfort and restricted mobility. Our tailored approach aims to alleviate these issues, providing men with a customized path to relaxation and revitalization.

Our therapists are trained in identifying trigger points and applying focused pressure to release tension. This method not only soothes immediate discomfort but also contributes to long-term muscle health, promoting increased flexibility and improved overall well-being.


Men often experience muscle tension differently from women, and trigger point massage is customized to address these unique patterns. It focuses on the specific areas where men commonly hold stress, providing targeted relief.
Unlike general massages, trigger point therapy hones in on specific knots and tight spots in muscles. This precision allows for more effective relief, especially in areas prone to tension for men, such as the shoulders, lower back, and neck.
Absolutely. Besides immediate relief from muscle tension, regular sessions contribute to improved posture, enhanced flexibility, and reduced stress levels. It's a comprehensive approach to men's well-being. Embark on a journey of personalized relaxation at Danugur, where trigger point massage for men takes center stage. Reclaim your vitality, release tension, and embrace a healthier, more rejuvenated you. Book your session today and experience the tailored touch of Danugur's expert therapists.