Treat Yourself Pro – Anti-Ageing Facial

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Whilst nothing can beat enjoying the full professional treatment delivered by your therapist, as businesses have had to close for a while – you can treat yourself at home with our easy to follow full professional anti-ageing facial therapy.

Within our professional boxed set you will find our step by step guide on product application, and also do check out our video on the website showing the application of each product.

This facial therapy uses our professional Nutritive Regenerating ampoule which is applied after cleansing, toning and exfoliating your skin. This serum is packed with anti-ageing actives and will deliver to the heart of the skin cells to regenerate and nourish deeply. The pure collagen mask provides deep rehydration of the skin with total revitalisation. The mask contains a combination of purified and dehydrated natural type 1 collagen peptides with different molecular weights that work in complete harmony with your skin. The peptides with high molecular weight work to maintain the ideal moisture balance of the skin whilst also providing an important source of amino acids. You will receive within this box a generous 20ml sized Timexpert Rides Cream Rich worth £29.82! – So this set provides exceptional value for money!

Take time out and treat yourself to a facial your skin will thank you for!


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