Purexpert Dermo Cleansing Bar for Skin with Acne

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A soap free cleansing bar especially for acne skin. Good to use from teenage years and upwards to purify the skin, slow down and prevent pustules and leave the skin more healthy.

A good skincare routine is essential for those with acne, the following steps will help enormously:

  1. Cleanse the skin using the Dermo Bar with some tepid water. Massage in well and rinse off.
  2. Use a small amount of the Refining Essence for Oily Skin
  3. Apply the Hydro Mattifying Gel, – whilst this is a moisturiser, it works to limit oil secretion and leave the skin mat / less shiny and over a few days, you will see a difference in the skin improving.


Apply a small amount of the Purexpert SOS Spot Gel as soon as you feel a spot coming up – apply 2 / 3 times or so during the day and it will deeply purify the spot and invariably it will disappear within 24 – 48 hours. Keep the spot Gel on you throughout the day.

Another option at night is to consider our SPOT Patches – a pack contains 28 small patches and you place one patch over a spot at night and it works over 8 hours to purify and heal the skin.

Use the Purexpert Mask once weekly.


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