Hydracure Boxed Set – Normal/Dry Skin

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A limited-edition set containing our best selling deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Acid serum and hydrating moisturiser for normal to dry skin with dehydration. Worth £102.40.

This hydrating boxes set if perfect for skin suffering from dehydration. Containing our top-selling Hyaluronic Force serum and Hydractive Cream for dehydrated skin that is Normal / Dry this set offers a saving of 35%

Hyaluronic Force Serum

This concentrated serum contains 3 sizes of Hyaluronic Acid molecules to provide hydration on the surface and within the deeper layers of the skin whilst preventing further dehydration. The skin’s volume, suppleness and smoothness are considerably improved with wrinkles less visible. Suitable for all skin types including men’s skin.

Active Ingredient (Hyaluronic Acid)

  • Large molecules (high weight) create a film on the epidermis to lock in moisture and therefore regulate water loss.
  • Medium molecules (medium weight) strengthen the skin’s defence system.
  • Small molecules (low weight) penetrate down to the dermis to deeply hydrate. This improves the skin’s suppleness and firmness.

    Main Benefits

  • Hydractive formula means 100% hydrating activity.
  • Generates a fine, transparent layer that prevents the loss of water.
  • Continued use helps to recover and protect the skin’s natural hydration system.
  • Deeper hydration results in smoother, more supple and more flexible skin, faded wrinkles and increased luminosity.

    Recommended For

    Suitable for all skin types in need of hydration. This serum hydrates without causing oiliness therefore it can be used on oily, acne skin or skin with scars. Perfect for men’s skin due to its light, easily absorbed texture. (Apply after shaving.) Fragrance-free.

Hydracure Hydractive Cream for normal/dry skin

This light silky cream is designed for normal/dry skin with dehydration. Its intelligent formula has two main actions:

  1. Absorbs easily into the skin providing instant hydration
  2. Protects and recovers the skin’s hydration system, teaching it to prevent future dehydration.

    Key ingredients

  • High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid restores hydration and water loss
  • Medium molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid strengthens the skin’s defences
  • Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and improves the skin’s suppleness, firmness and density.
  • Thermal Water from the Izumo Yumura Spring in Japan, is enriched with nutrients to increase hydration levels and relive the skin


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