Golden Hours Timexpert C+ (AGE) Emulsion


Forming part of our Hyberanate and Hydrate Range

‘Golden Hours’, this beautiful set gives a 15ml Timexpert SRNS Detoxifying Eye Cream worth £52.55 completely free.

A beautiful light emulsion packed with Vitamin C, suiting skin which is normal/combination. This advanced anti-glycation moisturiser contains Ume extract to fight against the damaged collagen and elastin caused by the amount of sugar in our daily diet. Additional Vitamin C provides the skin with radiance and vitality. 87.8% reported more luminous skin.*

What is Glycation?

Glycation is a chemical reaction caused by the ingestion of excess sugar. It creates A.G.E molecules that attach to the collagen and elastin fibres causing them to degenerate. This process affects the skin’s firmness whilst also making the skin duller in colour.

Key Ingredients

  • Ume Extract: A type of Japanese plum containing twice the amount of proteins, minerals and fats than other fruit. It is capable of inhibiting the formation of A.G.E molecules, accelerating the decomposition of existing A.G.Es and eliminating the dull, pallid tone that the skin acquires.
  • Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP): provides all the benefits of vitamin C with a more effective penetration to enhance its firming, brightening and protecting action.Recommended for

Skin Concern: Dull Tone / Early Signs of Ageing
Skin Type: Normal / Combination


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