For Men Travel Set

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Perfect to take away with you, your gym or work bag, this travel set contains our Hydra-Elements moisturiser, Supreme Shave and Finishave Post Shave Lotion.

A travel sized set of products which include:

  • 30ml Supreme Shave – A unique shaving product designed for men with dry or delicate skin or a tough beard. Its special texture allows a perfect glide of the razor for a shave which is smoother, closer and lasts for longer.
  • 30ml Finishave – This post-shave lotion contains Aloe Vera and Alantoin to hydrate, soothe and calm irritation. Its antiseptic properties also aid the healing of micro-cuts from shaving leaving the skin calm and smooth.
  • 30ml Hydra-Elements Moisturiser – (our most popular Men’s product) A hydrating moisturiser containing Birch Sap and trace elements to improve the skins health, radiance and firmness. Recommended for normal to dry skin.


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