For Men Force Revive 50ml + 100ml Bath Gel+ Body Lotion

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Within this boxed set you will receive 2 x 100ml body products completely free, a refreshing shower gel along with a hydrating body lotion.

The set contains a 100ml refreshing bath gel and hydrating body lotion free of charge.

An attractive gift box for men, incorporating the much revered Force Revive, an anti-ageing ultra-concentrated formula with more than 50% of high-tech ingredients that visibly reduce the signs of ageing. Contains a complete range of anti-oxidising ingredients that work at the heart of the cells to regenerate aged skin.

Force Revive is an advanced anti-ageing product in the For Men line and contains the revolutionary new ingredient ‘Zinc Glycine Complex’. This ingredient, created by the laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini recently won an award at the 20th Conference of the IFSCC for revolutionising the way it is now possible to delay the signs of ageing. Force Revive is a new-generation concentrate that works to correct and delay further signs of ageing. With more than 50% of high-technology ingredients within this product – skin looks younger, less tired, de-stressed and firmer within a matter of days. A complete set of anti-oxidising ingredients that are taken to the heart of each cell, working to regenerate ageing skin.
Force Revive will:

  • Protects the skin against environmental aggression
  • Helps the skin to regenerate and repair itself
  • Delays the signs of ageing
  • Improves the appearance, texture and tone of the skin
  • Fades the appearance of lines & wrinkles
  • Achieves high levels of hydration the whole day long.

If your skin is particularly dry, it is recommended you use the Hydra Elements Cream after applying Force Revive.”


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