Flash Lift Ampoules x 5

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This beauty serum helps to provide flawless and luminous skin whilst holding your makeup in place for longer. Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Liftine work to instantly lift and tighten the skin whilst restoring hydration levels. Perfect for special occasions when you want to look great throughout the day and night.

With hectic lifestyles, the signs of stress appear in our face, these signs reflect as fatigue, bags under the eyes, redness, swollen eyes, dilated pores and just a general feeling that your face feels ‘tired’.

When time is short, and you really need to pull out the stops to look your very best for a special occasion, help is at hand with our Flash Lift Ampoules.

Added to the formula is Pro-Liftine – a biopolymer based on natural ingredients that achieve a fast and intense tightening lifting effect which lasts throughout the day – or the evening – or both!


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