Discover Germaine – Excel Therapy O2 & Timexpert SRNS

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A beautiful Discovery Bag aimed to provide an excellent selection of products which can be used by all skin types with a worth over £145 plus a beautiful and most handy toiletry/cosmetic bag.

Your bag contains:

  • 150ml sized regular Excel Therapy 365 Soft Scrub – use daily to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
  • 15ml Excel Therapy Pollution Defence Cream – use day and night
  • Regular sized Excel Therapy Secret Mist, a delightfully refreshing anti-pollution mist which offers a number of benefits to the skin: protecting the skin against all forms of pollution, including Blue Light from screens, it also helps to set makeup, keeping it fresh for longer.
  • 2ml Sample of our top selling Multi-Regenerating Rosehip Oil – try adding it directly to your skin for extra hydration and nourishment – or simply mix with your cream either in the morning or at night.
  • 7ml – One week course of our new SRNS Progress Serum, the most advanced serum on the market which delivers results fast – use a drop each morning and night before applying your cream.
  • SRNS Facial Mask – just the best face mask ever, this is a one-time use sheet mask which is soaked in the Serum. Leave on for 15 minutes for a ‘flash’ effect, or 30 minutes for a longer-lasting result.


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