Hair Removal



Body Hair Trimming

Shape-Fade or Remove

Body Clippering / Manscaping is the art of tidying the body hair. Any parts of the body can be trimmed or manscaped. Trimming and waxing is a popular combination. We are also experts in preparing the body/ skin for Laser IPL treatments. Unsure of your options, we are happy to make recommendations on the best options for you.

Laser, electrolysis and IPL, whilst more expensive, last longer and can lead to permanent hair reduction if you keep up with the course recommended to you. Here, light or an electric current penetrate the hair follicle, stopping hair growth from the root. The number of sessions needed to achieve permanently hair-free skin will depend on your hair type. Back and shoulders, hairline, beard, half arms and parts of the bikini and intimate areas are the most popular treatments for guys.

Laser/ Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

This option is recommended once a decision is made on areas you wish to be hair free.

Men’s Waxing

Professional Waxing Service for men

Say goodbye to the taboo associated with waxing or hair removal. Gone are the days when this treatment was associated with the elitist, LGBTQ or sports person. Based on the many benefits, this is possibly the second most popular treatment incorporated in the male grooming or skincare routine. Unlike shaving waxing takes longer to regrow, the regrowth is softer and this also exfoliates the skin. We welcome men with open arms. We are one of London’s best Men’s waxing venues offering body and Intimate waxing.You will be made to feel welcome.

Female Therapist is available at some locations.