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The summer sun can be especially harsh and unforgiving on your skin. Even just 15 minutes in the hot sun is enough to cause damage to your skin. If your skin shows signs of excessive tanning, greasiness, acne, or clogged pores, you can blame it on prolonged exposure to the sun. Proper skincare is essential to protect your skin against harsh situations and to keep it looking and feeling healthier. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some expert tips to protect your skin this summer: Look For Shade- during the hottest hours of the days, you should find a shade to escape direct exposure to the sun. It is important to plan ahead and find out whether you can find shade during outdoor activities. Trees, umbrellas, and walls could give you some respite from the intense sunlight. Facial Skin Treatments- with facial treatments, you can remove dead skin cells and allow new cells to flourish. A complete skin treatment usually includes exfoliations, toning, and deep cleansing. This should help in addressing unique concerns and your skin will be better protected during summer. Apply Sunscreen- sunscreen is a basic requirement during summer and you should make sure that you apply sunscreen regularly. When it’s very bright outside, you should apply sunscreen every two hours. With an SPF rating of less than 30, sunscreen will protect your skin against intense UVA and UVB radiation. When choosing makeup, make sure that it also provides protection against the sun exposure. Daily moisturisers may also have SPF rating that can provide extra protection. Hydrate Your Body- by drinking enough water, you can better protect your skin. It is more likely that you will get dehydrated when the temperature is high and the sun is intense. You need to drink water regularly, before you feel thirsty. Thirst is a sign of early stage dehydration so make sure that your body is always well hydrated. Other than drinking cool water, you may munch on cucumbers, watermelon, and other fruits with high water content. Wear Little Or No Makeup- when you are doing outdoor activities, make sure you wear little or no makeup. Heavy foundation and thick makeup can be uncomfortable when it’s hot and humid. Allow your facial skin to perspire naturally to remove toxins and regulate temperature. Heavy makeup blocks perspiration and may cause skin issues. Contact Danugur Fitness & Grooming To learn more, contact Danugur Fitness & Grooming and speak with one of our expert therapists today. We also offer virtual consultations via online video chat platforms. Contact us today for more information. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your favourite social media sites.