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This Candle massage will ease tension whilst natural antioxidants will hydrate and nourish the skin.


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Candle Massage

  • Express 45 Mins £50
  • 60 mins £65
  • 90 Mins £85

Candle Massage for her

Choose one of our Mediterranean inspired massage candles; Lavender, Olive or Citrus which will be burned while you enjoy a relaxing Pinda massage. The warm oil from the candle is then poured over the body for a prolonged body massage, using deep and soothing movements.

This indulgent massage will ease tension whilst natural antioxidants will hydrate and nourish the skin.


Indulge in the art of relaxation with Danugur’s Women’s Candle Massage, a sensory journey designed exclusively for women seeking a tranquil escape. Immerse yourself in the warm glow of our specially crafted candles, as they transform into a luxurious massage oil, delivering a blissful and rejuvenating experience.

Unveiling the Essence of Women’s Candle Massage

At Danugur, we understand that every woman deserves a moment of serenity and self-care. Our Women’s Candle Massage is a unique fusion of aromatherapy and expert touch, creating an intimate ambiance that revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit. The candles, infused with premium essential oils, melt into a sumptuous oil that nourishes the skin and promotes a deep sense of relaxation.

Embark on a sensory journey as our skilled therapists seamlessly blend the art of massage with the soothing properties of our signature candles. From relieving tension to enhancing circulation, our Women’s Candle Massage is a holistic experience that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Danugur's Women's Candle Massage is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the soothing ambiance created by our specially crafted candles. The melting wax transforms into a luxurious oil, enriching your skin and tantalizing your senses.
Absolutely! Our candles are formulated with premium, skin-friendly ingredients suitable for all skin types. The melted oil is rich in natural emollients, leaving your skin hydrated and nourished.
Danugur offers a curated selection of scents, each carefully chosen for its relaxing properties. From lavender for tranquility to citrus for invigoration, our diverse range allows you to personalize your massage experience. Indulge in the extraordinary with Danugur's Women's Candle Massage – where relaxation meets radiant illumination. Elevate your self-care routine and embrace the soothing touch that only Danugur can provide.