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Women’s Body Treatments

Toned, Improved,Flawless, Porcelain or Sun-kissed Skin?


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Pricing level name Duration Price Sale price Booking

Marine Extract and Algae – Suitable for Stretch Marks, Cellulite + Extra Hydration

A marine inspired body scrub that leaves the skin totally nourished and softened. Rich in Brown Algae extract, mineral salts and Vitamin C and E,
it helps to stimulate lipolysis, detoxify the skin and remove dead cells.

We offer body scrubs, body wraps, spray-sunless tanning, back-ne, back and bum facials.

A professional body scrub is designed as the perfect solution to exfoliate the skin. A scrub is also useful in treating some skin conditions

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  •  EMS -Body Sculpting

A body scrub before holiday in the sun is ideal in preparing the skin for full exposure to intense sunlight or heat. You are less likely to burn or peel, your tan will also last longer.  Body Wraps-A body scrub is the ultimate complimentary treatment to a wrap.
A wrap provides several benefits to the skin- detox, hydrate, inch-loss, tone and sculpt.

Spray-Sunless Tanning are healthier alternatives to sunbed. In minutes you-u will walk away with sun kissed and hydrated skin.

Body Sculpting-EMS

Burn Fat, Tone, Build Muscles- Improve confidence

This is a safe and non- Invasive process designed to improve appearance and deliver results.  We offer tailored and realistic consultation designed to deliver the desired results. To maximise benefits, a course of treatment is usually required.