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After having a busy and draining week, you need to unwind and decompress. Many mental and physical health experts recommend relaxing spa treatments as a way to indulge and to relax. With massage, aromatherapy, facial treatments, and exfoliation, you will feel healthier and rejuvenated. Here are just some of the benefits you can get from treating yourself to a spa day:

5 Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

Relieve Tension, Stress, And Headache- massages and aromatherapy allow the steady release of dopamine and serotonin during spa treatments. This means, you can be a happier and more relaxed person after spending a day at the spa. Many people with occupational stress have elevated levels of cortisol that cause anxiety and increases the risk of depression.

Diminish Pain- spa treatments can also alleviate pain and muscle and soreness. After a session of intense physical exercise, you may have higher levels of discomfort or pain. Proper massage techniques help to improve blood circulation around muscles, so you will recover quicker. You will walk away out of the spa feeling much more relaxed and then return to the gym or your favourite sports activities sooner.

Make Skin Smoother And More Radiant- spa treatments can improve your skin in many different ways. If you are feeling somewhat insecure about cellulite, spa treatments may tighten your skin, especially if combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. After completing a few sessions of skin treatments and facials, it feels like you are evolving into a much better version of yourself. Regular spa treatments may gradually diminish skin issues like sunspots and fine lines.

Enhanced Sleep- it is not uncommon for people to fall asleep during a massage with calm music and rejuvenating aromatherapy. Many people have insomnia and other sleep problems, due to frequent disruptions in their daily schedule. If you have insomnia, it is recommended to get a spa treatment in the late afternoon, so you will sleep easier later at night.

Slow Aging Process- people start to experience the aging process in late 20’s. The process begins slowly at first and then accelerates in their 40’s. It is easier to slow the aging process down if you regularly get skin treatments during your 30’s or 40’s. If you want to age gracefully and look 10 years younger, spa treatments are very effective.

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